Why I don’t use Choke Chain, Prong or Shock Collars

I don’t use choke chains, prong or shock collars on my dogs nor do I advocate for their use.  I would like to see these old fashioned, out-of-date tools banned.  The science of animal training has shown us that reinforcing what we want rather than punishing what we don’t want is a much more effective approach to getting the behaviours that we want. Other less invasive tools such as head halters and front clip harness are available to help us manage our dogs

The following articles nicely summarize why I do not use these tools when training dogs.

The Truth about Choke Chains and Prong Collars

Collars I have Known and Loved. Or Not.

Prong Collars: Just ’cause you can doesn’t mean you should

The end for shock collars?

Why Prong Collars Hurt

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