What is Your Dog Trying to Tell You?

You are about to embark on the exciting journey of learning how to translate from ‘dog’ to ‘human’.  The best place to start is the i-Speak Dog website.

The i-Speak Dog website is an excellent resource to start understanding what your dog is trying to tell you.  The goal of this site is to teach you how to read your dogs’ body language, how to understand your dog’s emotional states and to teach you why your dog is doing what they do!

After you have spent some time on the i-Speak Dog website, check out the additional videos listed below.

Description External Video or Article Links
How Dog’s Show Anxiety Here is a video that illustrates several displacement behaviors in dogs. Displacement behaviors are normal behaviors that are displayed out of context (for example licking chops when no food is present, yawning when not tired, shaking off when not wet). They indicate that the dog is in a state of conflict and is feeling uncertainty or anxiety. It is best for children to stop interacting with a dog that shows these signs and not to approach a dog that shows these signs. When parents see these signs, it is time to intervene and direct both child and dog to another activity.
11 Subtle Signs your dog is Stressed Dogs have so many subtle ways that they tell us they’re not comfortable….
Are you listening?
Stop the 77 Dog bite prevention video for families everywhere.
77% of dog bites come from a friend’s dog or the family’s very own dog. We want to change that number.

Speak Dog – Doggone Safe

Video slide show that teaches about dog body language, why to stay away from tied dogs and how to deal with a pack of dogs.

Body Language – Your Dog’s Native Tongue

The myth of ‘spite’ and ‘guilt’ and how to tell when a dog (including your own!) wants you to come closer or move away
1) Watch “Stop the 77” last. Can you identify how the dogs are showing their discomfort?

2) Pick one of the easy to observe signals (ex. head turn, yawn, whale eye, sniffing the ground). Pay attention to your dog or puppy over the next week.  Do you see any of these signals?  If yes, what is  happening in the environment that might be causing your dog or puppy concern?

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