Two Treats Game

Objective:  The objective of this layer is to teach your puppy to visually track a thrown object, to learn a verbal cue for permission to get food from the ground and to teach your puppy that orienting back to you is a good thing.


Step by Step Instructions Comments
Sit on the floor when playing this game.  If you can’t manage the floor, then sit on a chair
Select 10 treats that will roll well and can be easily seen against the floor or ground Start this game indoors in a quiet room in the house
Show your puppy one treat and toss it a short distance to one side encouraging him to ‘get it!’
Wait for your puppy’s head comes up off the ground. Be patient.  When her head comes up, she is most likely ready to focus on what you are going to do next
Turn and toss the next treat a short distance in the opposite direction and say ‘get it!’
Continue to toss treats back and forth first in one direction then the other until they are gone.
Say ‘all done’ and end the session
Play this game in different rooms in the house and when there is something distracting going on (i.e. someone is cooking in the kitchen, a friend has come over, the television is on, and so on)
Benefits of playing this game:
This exercise is a great warm-up prior to beginning a training session.
It is a good game for slightly nervous, inhibited or stressed puppies as it requires quick, fast movement and concentration on the treat and not the environment.
It encourages speed and rewards your puppy for moving confidently away from you and moving quickly back to you.
When to Advance
When your puppy is easily running back and forth to get the treats


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