Is my dog in pain?

An easy question that is difficult to answer.   Every dog is different and each situation is different so I don’t have any definitive answers in this post but I will tell you what I have learned and what… Read More

Summer Recap

As I sit down to write this post, I am reflecting on how fast the last 5 months have gone.  I live in the West Kootenays surrounded by mountains and glacier fed lakes.  As with so many areas… Read More

Nosework, treats and building value

One of Susan Garrett’s training mantras is ‘build the value’.  If you want your dog to value something such as enjoying going into their crate, you need to build value for that activity.  The question is how?  It… Read More

Resource Guarding – not for me!!

I am so proud of Loki today.  We were walking along the lower Galena Trail this morning and just before getting back to the car, Marley found a nice deer bone.  I was about 10 feet away when… Read More

We have our UKC Advanced Interior Title!

Last week I did a few novel interior searches with Loki.  Leaving familiar areas to do searches helps our dogs generalize the skills that they are learning.  Generalizing skills applies to nosework as well as basic behaviours such… Read More

Re-Introducing Anise

When Loki was first introduced to nosework, it was using a different method than I am using now.  The first method didn’t build hunt drive nor did it build value for odour.  As a result, Loki started to… Read More

Food Distraction vs Odour!

This week didn’t amount to much training time due to being away for three days but on Sunday, I sat down and completed 10 days worth of training plans!  After I finished my planning, I spent 1/2 an… Read More

The Best Laid Plans

Well this week came and went with only two days of training.  The excuses are many but for me it came down to not taking the time last Sunday to write out 5-10 days of my daily session… Read More

My Training Journey

We all know that it is important to train our dogs but how many of us actual take the time to train our dogs on a regular basis.  I keep trying to train on a regular basis but… Read More