Sit Happens – Layer 3

Objective:  To teach your dog to hold a SIT until released from the position.


Optional Video:  How to train a release cue – clicker dog training

Preparation:   10 yummy treats.  Soft, small treats work best as they don’t require a lot of chewing.

Step by Step Instructions Comments
Warm-up with 5 repetitions of the 2nd layer Select a release word.  Popular words are release, free, freedom, break, or done
Cue the SIT then say your release word.  If your dog moves, mark the movement with a ‘Yes’, toss a treat to reset your dog If your dog doesn’t move, back up a few steps and make kissy sounds.
Repeat the above steps four more times
Stay at the this layer until your dog is readily getting up from his sit when you say your release word
If you are finished training, say ‘all done’.  If you are going to keep training, take a break and give praise or play with your dog before continuing with the training session.
When to Advance  
When your dog is readily getting up for the SIT when he hears the release word
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