Sit Happens – Layer 2

Objective:  To teach our dog to sit when they hear the word SIT. 


Optional Video:


Step by Step Instructions Comments
Warm-up with the 1st layer Once your dog is ‘in the game’ (reliably offering a sit) you are ready to name the behaviour
As your dog is moving into a SIT, give the verbal cue ‘SIT’ Focus point is:  Say the cue once
The dog’s rear end should touch the ground (he sits)
Mark the SIT with a ‘Yes’ (or click)
Toss a treat to reset your dog
Repeat the above steps four more times
Now say the cue just before your dog begins to sit.  Mark the SIT with a ‘Yes’ (or click) and toss a treat to reset.
Repeat four more times.  
Now that you have named the behaviour, you will only give a treat when you ask for the behaviour.  If your dog offers the behaviour, give praise but no treat  
Troubleshooting:  what if your dog doesn’t sit after you say the cue?
Take a few steps back to encourage your dog to follow you.  Wait; as soon as it looks like your dog is going to SIT, give the verbal cue ‘SIT’ If your dog doesn’t SIT, go back to the 1st layer and continue to build value for sitting.
When to Advance  
When your dog is responding to the cue by sitting
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