Sit Happens – Layer 1

Objective:  The objective of this layer is to let your dog know that sitting makes good things happen.  Dogs (like us!) will repeat an action if it earns a reward.

Video Overview:

Optional Video:

Preparation:  Find a quiet place in the house, you will need 10 treats.  If your floor is slippery, it may be helpful to set out a mat for your dog.

Step by Step Instructions Comments
Place 5 treats in your hand and put your treat hand in a neutral position:

  • Behind your back
  • At your side
  • At your belly button
You are going to wait for your dog to offer a sit.  Initially it may take a while but be patient. No cue is used at this point in training
The moment your dog sits, mark with a ‘Yes’ (or click)
Toss a treat to reset your dog for another chance to offer the behaviour and earn a treat. Focus Point is:  Treat hand in neutral position
Repeat the above steps four more times
Get five more treats and repeat the exercise one more time Say ‘All done’ and take a break.  Train this again either later in the day or on the next day
Once your dog is offering SITs in the first training location, repeat the above steps in a variety of rooms in the house
When to Advance  
When you notice that your dog is sitting in your presence much more frequently than he did before you started rewarding for this behaviour.  Can you reliably predict when your dog will sit?
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