Scout – Additional Training Information

Teaching DOWN using the capture method

Training your dog to lie down

Capturing a Down: Clicker dog training

Transferring a Cue

You want to build Scout’s understanding the ‘Heel’ means move from where to are and walk beside me.  To teach him that ‘Heel’ also means its okay to leave the platform, practice giving the new cue ‘HEEL’ , pause, old cue ‘FREE’.  It is a human tendency to want to pair the two words but we want the give the new cue HEEL, then pause.  The pause allows Scout time to process what you are asking.  If he doesn’t understand, the old cue gives him the needed information.  In time, he will start responding to the new cue just as he does to the old cue.

An article and video explaining the process

A Dog with a Catch

How to transfer a cue (video)
Note:  the new cue is the white piece of paper she is holding

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