Relax on a Mat – Layer 3

Objective:  The objective of this layer is to build value for relaxing in a DOWN position on a mat


Optional Video:

How to Teach a Hyper Puppy to Settle on a Mat

Step by Step Instructions Comments
If this is a continuation of the 2nd  layer, start with the next step, otherwise, warm up from the beginning
Once your puppy is in a DOWN, slow down the rate of treat delivery  
Watch for signs that he is growing more relaxed on the mat and drop 3-4 treats in succession at your puppy’s front feet and then slow down the treat delivery once again Signs:  muscle tension drops, head lowers, tail wag slowing or stopping, shift in posture, ears relaxing, increased blinking, or yawning
After a maximum of 5 minutes of training say, “All done,” and remove the leash.  Put the mat in a location where the family relaxes and remember to reward your dog whenever he chooses to lie down on his mat.
Troubleshooting:  My puppy isn’t relaxing  
Wait, look away, take some deep breaths, and provide treats with a slow, relaxed movement. Make sure you are not staring at your puppy or chatting to him.

  • You may need to spend more time on the first two layers.
  • You may need to move to a quieter location.
When to Advance  
When your puppy is relaxing in a DOWN position


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