Relax on a Mat – Layer 2

Objective:  The objective of these layers is to begin to build value for lying down on a mat


Optional Video:

How to Teach a Hyper Puppy to Settle on a Mat

Step by Step Instructions Comments
If this is a continuation of the 1st layer, start with the next step, otherwise, warm up with the 1st layer
Wait for your puppy to sniff the ground, turn his head away or yawn. Avoid giving treats if your puppy is staring at you.
Drop treats one after another at his feet. Teaching him that looking away or sniffing the ground is what earns the reward, not staring at you
Slow down the rate of treat delivery and wait for your puppy to offer a SIT DOWN is the end result so if they offer a DOWN, reward your puppy and move to the 3rd layer
Reward the SIT by placing treats between his front paws
To encourage a DOWN, begin to place the treats closer to his back paws. This helps your puppy lie down in a relaxed (shift onto their hip) position
Once your puppy lies DOWN, place several treats in a row at his feet.
After a maximum of 5 minutes of training say, “All done,” and remove the leash.  Put the mat in a location where the family relaxes and remember to reward your dog whenever he chooses to lie down on his mat.
Troubleshooting:  What if my puppy gets up from the SIT?
Take a deep breath and stop feeding.  Wait for him to sit. Calmly praise and start delivering treats toward her back paws to encourage a DOWN
When to Advance
When your puppy is lying DOWN on the mat


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