Parking Your Dog


The objective of this game is to keep a connection with your dog when your attention is elsewhere (ex. talking to a neighbor, meeting a friend on the street or in class when your instructor is talking)


Optional Video:

Step by Step Instructions Comments
If you walk your dog on the left, hold the leash with your right hand. If you walk your dog on the right, hold the leash with your left hand
Take your dog’s collar Have you been practicing the Collar Grab Game?!
Stop forward movement
Allow the leash to touch the ground, like you are going to jump rope The focus point is:  leash to touch ground
Step on the leash with both feet The focus point is:  both feet on leash
As you stand up straight, release your hold on the collar.  Continue to hold the end of the leash in your left hand Or right hand if applicable
Your dog can chose to stand, or lie down.  For dog’s who like to jump on people, this prevents them from practicing the behaviour
When you are ready to move on, end park by stepping off the leash
Take the leash with your free hand and slide the leash to gather up the slack by ‘opening the door’ with your other hand The focus point is:  open the door
Wait for your dog to check in Attention Game
Say ‘Let’s Go’ and move away together
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