How good is your dog’s nose? If you put a teaspoon of sugar into your coffee, you might be able to smell the sugar. Put a teaspoon of sugar in two Olympic-sized pools worth of water and your dog could detect the sugar!

Learn how to alleviate boredom and the often destructive behaviours that come with it by harnessing your dog’s innate talents.

Enjoy an activity that is fun for both you and your dog.  Canine nosework can be done both indoors or outside.  It will provide your dog with mental stimulation, build his confidence, and will calm your dog and build focus. Canine nose work is an excellent activity that you can do indoors with your dog on those cold, or rainy days when you just don’t want to spend much time outside.

  • We use tools and techniques that you can easily use at home
  • We help your dog build search endurance and drive
  • This class is suitable for all dogs; old, young, reactive, or fearful

Class information:

  • Each Nosework class is made up of six sessions.  The first three Nosework classes are:
    1. Building Hunt Drive
    2. Introduction to Odour
    3. Building Value for Odour
  • The first three classes are sequential with the skills learned in each session building on the skills learned in the previous session(s)

Prerequisites for ‘Building Hunt Drive’:  None

Each Nosework Class

# of Sessions

Price (including GST)



Class Name From – To Day Skip Dates Location Time Status
Building Hunt Drive 16Oct2019 – 20Nov2019 Wednesday

Nakusp 6:00 pm  In-progress

Note: Skip Dates are gaps in the schedule to accommodate times when the instructor is away.

 How do dogs “see” with their noses?

TED Talk by Alexandra Horowitz

You may have heard the expression that dogs ‘see with their noses’. But dog’s amazing nasal architecture actually reveals a whole world beyond what we can see. Alexandra Horowitz illustrates how the dog’s nose can smell the past, the future and even things that can’t be seen at all.

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