Name Game – Layer 2

Objective:  The objective of this layer is to teach your dog to respond to her name when you are not standing next to her



Step by Step Instructions Comments
Preparation:  You will need one helper and 5 tasty treats
Warm-up with the 1st Layer  
Have the helper hold your dog.  You move approximately 5’ away  
Call your dog; saying her name only once  
When your dog looks at you, mark with a ‘Yes’  
When your dog reaches you, take her collar, feed a treat, release the collar  
Repeat until all 5 treats are gone If your dog is successful 4 out of the 5 tries, increase the distance.  If not, continue to play the game with 5’ between you and your helper.
Troubleshooting:  What it my dog doesn’t respond to her name?
Make kissy sounds to get her attention.  If it happens more than 2 times, go back to the first layer and spend more time building value for her name








When to Advance  
When she is successfully responding to her name when you are standing 15’ away from your helper
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