Mental Enrichment Activities

A bored dog is going to find a way to alleviate that boredom often in the form of behaviours that humans don’t approve of:  chewing on furniture, shoes, dirty laundry, digging holes in the yard, barking and depending on the dog, I am sure there are many more creative possibilities!!

You can help minimize the unwanted behaviours by providing your dog with a variety of challenging games and puzzles that tap into their instinctive behaviours.  Here are some ideas to get you started.

As always, supervise your dog when they are playing with these toys and remove them when your dog is finished

The Bottle Game

This is what it looks:

Bella’s Bottle Game

Here is one link to building the bottle game for your dog.

Make a Great Mind Game Toy for your Dog

And the travel version for those who would like a simpler version – would be great indoors as well!

DIY Dog Bottle Game – Travel Version

Snuffle Mat

DIY: Make Your Dog (or Cat) a Snuffle Mat

How to Make a Snuffle Mat- Puzzle Game for Dogs

DIY Snuffle Mat

Where to purchase a snuffle mat

Wooly Snuffle Mat


Kong Stuffing 101 – San Diego Humane Society

Easy Kong Recipe

Kongs for Beginners


Think Outside the (Food) Bowl!

How to Clean Your Pet’s Toys

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