Loose Leash Walking – Layer 1

Objective:  To teach your dog that standing beside you can be as rewarding as standing in front of you.


Optional Video:  Hugo – Reinforcement Zone

Preparation:  You will need 10 tasty treats

Step by Step Instructions Comments
Start with your dog off-leash in a stationary position at your side.  Count out 5 – 10 treats depending on what you can comfortably hold in your hand
With your dog standing, move in beside him so that his front shoulder is in-line with your pant seam.  (If your dog chooses to Sit, that’s okay too)
If your dog is standing on your left, hold treats in your right hand If your dog is standing on your right, hold treats in your left hand
Transfer one treat at a time to your left hand, touch your left hip at your pant seam and deliver the cookie into your dog’s mouth.  

Tag Point is:  Touch hip

Repeat until all of the treats are gone.
If you are finished with training say ‘All Done’ so your dog knows that the session is finished
If you are just taking a short break, play with your dog or give scritches; something your dog enjoys and then repeat the session one more time
Practice this exercise with your dog on-leash as well.
Question:  Should I train on both sides
Yes!   Repeat this exercise on the opposite side as well.
Question:  Why do I need to touch my hip?
Touching your hip with a treat in your hand draws your dog’s attention to the space at your side.  If you don’t touch your hip first, your dog’s focus is on the hand holding the treats and they will tend to inch in front of you to keep a better eye on those treats!
When to Advance  
When your dog will stand beside you while your deliver your treats


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