Its Yer Choice – Layer 4

Objective:  To teach your dog not to dive for food that falls on the floor


Preparation:  5 low value treats.  A soft treat will have less bounce.

Step by Step Instructions Comments
Warm up your dog by playing the 1st  (food in hand) and / or 3rd (food on floor) layers
Drop one treat from 2” off the floor Be prepared to cover it with your foot!
What is your dog’s choice?
If she moves to grab the treat, cover it with your foot.  When she backs away remove your foot. Be careful not to step on your dog’s paws or hit their nose.  If your dog is diving for the treat, drop it from closer to the ground.
Once your dog backs away and waits for you to give her the treat, repeat by dropping another treat from 2” off the floor Repeat 3 more times (total of 5).  If your dog was successful 4 out of 5 tries (80%), make it a little harder
Once your dog is successful 80% of the time when dropping treats 2” from the floor, drop treats from knee height.  Do 5 repetitions. Be prepared to cover it with your foot.  Dogs can react quickly!
Build up (5 repetitions at a time) to dropping a treat to the floor from waist height At each new distance, always get 80% success before making it harder
Practice this in a variety of ways:

  • Knock a treat off a living room end table
  • Knock a treat off the kitchen counter to the floor
Advanced:  drop multiple treats at one time onto the floor; be prepared to cover them!
Once you dog understands the game, start to alternate between:

  • Giving your dog the treat  from the floor
  • Picking up the treat from the floor and giving a treat from your hand
  • Cueing ‘get it’ and let your dog eat the food from the floor
  • Giving your dog praise, pick up the treat and put it away
When to Advance  
When you can drop treats onto the floor and your dog doesn’t try to steal the treats


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