Its Yer Choice – Layer 3

Objective:  To teach your dog not to take food from the floor unless given permission


Preparation:  10 pieces of kibble or a dry food treat

Step by Step Instructions Comments
Start with 10 morsels of boring food.  Ex. kibble or a dry treat
Place the food on the floor and cover it with your hand You have changed the learning environment for your dog
Wait for your dog to move away, uncover the food
If your dog moves to take the food, cover it with your hand Say and do nothing, just wait for your dog to make a decision
Wait for the decision to back away
Remove your hand This reinforces your dog’s choice to move away
Keep the game of covering / uncovering the food until your dog will not move towards the food when she sees it on the ground
With your hand away from the food, verbally praise your dog
If she moves toward the food, cover it with your hand
Once she makes the correct choice, reach for a treat from the floor
If she moves to get it from you, put it on the floor and cover all the treats
Your dog should only get a treat if you can praise her, pick up a treat, and move it towards her Practice this layer when your dog is in a sit, a down or a stand
If you are okay with your dog taking food from the floor, once she has made a good choice, cue ‘get it’ to give her permission to take the treat from the floor.  You may need to tap your finger by the food to encourage her.  Now mix up the game so that sometimes your cue ‘get it’ and other times you pick the food up off the floor and hand it to her.
Repeat the 2nd Layer building up to 5 seconds (5-banana count) for ignoring food on the floor.
When to Advance  
When your dog does not try to steal the food you place on the floor
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