Its Yer Choice – Layer 1

Objective:  To teach your dog to ignore food that is laying around.  This game also teaches us not to control our dog but to control the consequences of the choices our dogs make.


Preparation:  You will need 10 – 15 dry treats such as kibble

Step by Step Instructions Comments
Start with boring food in your closed hand (ex. kibble or a dry treat).  Hold your hand at your dog’s nose height.  
Offer nothing, say nothing, do nothing Don’t move your hand.  If you do, it becomes a game of chase the prey
Wait for your dog to move away  
Open your hand (this reinforces your dog’s choice to move away) If your dog dives for the treats, close your hand and wait
Keep the game of opening and closing your hand going until your dog will not move towards the food when she sees it in your open hand  
With your hand open, verbally praise your dog  
If she moves toward you, close your hand  
Once she makes the correct choice, reach for a treat from your open hand  
If she moves to get it from you, put it back in your hand and close your hand  
Your dog should only get a treat if you can praise her, pick up a treat, and give it to her without her moving to take it  
Practice this layer when your dog is in a sit, a down or a stand  
Troubleshooting:  my dog barks or whines at me  
Ignore your dog; don’t make eye contact, and turn away.  Wait for the barking to stop.  Resume the game when your dog stops whining or barking.
When to Advance  
When your dog does not try to steal food from your open hand
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