What is In-Home Training

We know that not every dog owner wants to be a dog trainer and many owners just do not have the time to commit to training. In-home training allows a professional to work with your dog in the comfort of your home, build your dog’s understanding of the skills being taught in class and transfer the skills needed to maintain the behaviour over to you.

In-home training will typically supplement the group classes by

  • providing additional training time for your dog
  • building your dog’s understanding of the behaviours more quickly
  • teaching your dog in real-life situations around the familiar environment of your home and neighborhood

We will see your dog several times followed by at least one transfer session where the trainer works with both you and your dog. The transfer session(s) give us the opportunity to show you how to maintain the behaviours your dog is learning.

If your program also includes follow-up sessions.  The follow-up session(s) will be scheduled at least two weeks after the training has finished.  The trainer will arrange a time to come to your home and help you strengthen any behaviour that needs a little extra help.

We offer three different in-home training programs that provide options ranging from a little extra personal assistance right up to a more comprehensive training package.

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“Thanks to Heather’s in-home training ChacoDSC_0084 (1280x848) has gone from a mostly lovable but unruly dog to an entirely lovable one.  Her emphasis on positive reinforcement has been delightful.”

Tracy and Francie

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