Handling – Layer 3

Objective:  To build a positive association with more active handling

Videos:  None

Optional Reading and videos:

Step by Step Instructions Comments
Reminder:  Use really high value treats when playing this game!!
Count each rib with your fingers Say ‘Yes’ and treat
Pick up and flex each of your dog’s legs Say ‘Yes’ and treat
Gently restrain your dog as a veterinarian would if they were going to administer a vaccine or examine your dog Say ‘Yes’ and treat
Brush your dog’s coat Say ‘Yes’ and treat
Spray water on your dog’s coat Say ‘Yes’ and treat
Wrap a leg or paw in an ACE bandage Say ‘Yes’ and treat
Train your dog to accept handling “belly up” for vet exams Say ‘Yes’ and treat
Desensitize your dog to objects touching his body
Open your dog’s mouth and examine his teeth Say ‘Yes’ and treat
Open your dog’s mouth and massage his gums with your finger Say ‘Yes’ and treat
Gently ‘poke’ your dog with the non-ink end of a pen which can replicate a needle injection Say ‘Yes’ and treat
Hold a metal spoon handle against your dog’s skin to replicate standing still while the vet checks the heart rate with a stethoscope Say ‘Yes’ and treat
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