Group Class Summary

All group classes are held in New Denver, BC

Registration is required for all classes, including drop-ins.  If no one has registered 24 hours in advance, the class will be cancelled.

Class Name Format ** Next Class Starts
Confident Puppy (8 – 16 weeks old)

Set a foundation that will help your puppy be confident and comfortable at home and in social situations.

Open Enrollment Jun 03, 2017
Core Skills

Essential skills for a well-behaved dog. This class is a prerequisite for many of our classes including the Skills in Action series.

Series Jun 03, 2017
Skills in Action series

Apply the core skills to everyday activities.  The classes in this series focus on the real world activities of:  coming when called, walking with a loose leash walking, greeting people and focus around distractions

Did you Call?

Strengthen your dogs desire to come when called.

Series No classes scheduled at this time

Walking with You

Train your dog to walk on a loose leash in a variety of settings.

Series No classes scheduled at this time

Jumpers Anonymous

Learn effective techniques to teach your dog how to politely greet people.

Series No classes scheduled at this time

Distraction Action

Teach your dog to listen and respond to you in a variety of distracting situations.

Series No classes scheduled at this time
Nosework – Intro

This class will start each dog searching boxes for their primary and most exciting reward, whether it is food or toys.  Over the six weeks, we will build each dog’s skill and desire to search independently.

Series No classes scheduled at this time
Nosework – Advanced Intro

Students must have successfully completed the Nosework – Intro class.  We are looking to continue to build our dog’s drive to search for their primary reward before introducing odor. For dog’s that are ready, we will begin to transition from searching for food/toy to their first target odor, Birch.

Series No classes scheduled at this time
Accelerate your dog’s learning with in-home training

**Our classes will be in one of the following formats:

Open enrollment: As long as there is room in the session and you have met any prerequisites, you can start any time. You can sign up for a package of sessions or drop-in at your convenience. Each session is a self-contained lesson.

Series: The class has a fixed start and end date – everyone starts and graduates at the same time. These 3 to 6 week classes are sequential with the skills learned in each session building on the skills learned in the previous session(s). After you have graduated, drop-in is available for those who want more practice with the skill.

Contact us to register or to learn more

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