Core Skills

Essential skills for a well behaved family pet packed into one convenient, fun class. In this class you will learn the basic skills needed to teach your dog not to beg or steal food, to walk nicely on a leash, to come when called, and to greet people politely.

Your dog will learn the basics for:

  • Self control around food
  • Paying attention when you call
  • Walking nicely with you
  • Resting quietly in a place of your choosing
  • Waiting at the door until you give permission to go outside
  • Giving up something he has in his mouth

Prerequisites: none

  • This four week class has a fixed start and end date – everyone starts and graduates at the same time.
  • The sessions are sequential with the skills learned in each session building on the skills learned in the previous session(s).
  • You must register for the class.  If no one has registered 24 hours in advance, the class will be cancelled.
  • After you have graduated, drop-in is available for those who would like the opportunity for more practice.
Core Skills
# of Sessions 4 Session Package Price including GST Drop in Rate including GST
4 $80 $22

Note: There may be a gap in the schedule to accommodate times when the instructor is away. The ‘Skip Dates’ column will indicate which dates have no session.

Class Name Session Dates Day Skip Dates Time Status Drop In
Core Skills 06 May 2017 –   27 May 2017 Saturday 10:45 am –11:45am Open After graduation
03 Jun 2017 –   24 Jun 2017 Saturday 10:45 am –11:45am Open After graduation
08 Jul 2017 –    29 Jul 2017 Saturday 10:45 am –11:45am Open After graduation
12 Aug 2017 –  02 Sept 2017 Saturday 10:45 am –11:45am Open After graduation
23 Sept 2017 –  14 Oct 2017 Saturday 10:45 am –11:45am Open After graduation

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