Food Bowl Exercises

Objective:  Your puppy will learn that people around her food bowl are not a threat


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Step by Step Instructions Comments
Preparation:  your puppies food bowl, kibble, and some higher value treats like fresh chicken, garlic sausage, or cheese)
Note:  if there are other pets in the household, they should be in a different room or in their kennel so they cannot approach your puppy while you are training (this applies to cats as well!)
Select one of these exercises and feed your puppy’s entire meal as suggested.
Exercise 1:  
Measure out your puppy’s meal and set it aside.  Place a few kibbles in the bowl and place the bowl on the ground
Allow your puppy to eat all of the food.
Pick up the empty bowl and place a few more kibbles in the bowl
Repeat until the entire meal is fed
Exercise 2:  
Repeat the above but this time, while your puppy is eating, add a few more kibbles to his bowl until the entire meal is fed
Exercise 3:
While you puppy is eating, walk by and toss something extra special into her bowl. Your puppy will learn that human presence around his food bowl predicts good things.
Feed your puppy at least one of her meals like this every day for seven days.  After that, plan on feeding a meal like this twice a week for a few weeks and then once a week.
After that, continue to do Exercise 3 throughout your dog’s lifetime whenever you think about it and have something extra yummy on hand.

**The above are preventative exercises.  If you approach your puppy’s food bowl and they are showing aggression toward you (for example:  lip curls, growling, baring teeth), do not attempt these exercises.  Let me know and we can discuss other options.



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