Drop – Layer 3

Objective:  Grow the game


Playing Tug

  • The same principle works with tug toys.
  • He should not continue tugging on the toy once you say your cue
  • If the dog stays with the toy, the toy/game was too distracting.  Make the treat (in the video it was chicken) more interesting than the tug toy to get your dog to move away from the toy.
    • Pay no attention to the toy.  Pay lots of attention to the chicken.
    • Play with the chicken, toss it around, and give it lots of attention.  Your dog will eventually leave the toy to check out what you are doing
    • This teaches your dog that the chicken is way more fun and you have no interest in taking the toy away from him
  • Continue with the tug toy for a few more repetitions but ask your dog to drop the toy before he gets too excited.  This sets your dog up to succeed
  • Build up to a high level of excitement

 Using the toy as the reward

  • You can also use a toy instead of treats as the reward
    • You will need two toys when practicing
    • Hold the second toy in your hand
    • Start tugging by saying ‘take it’ and present the tug toy.  Start tugging.
    • Before your dog gets too aroused, say your cue ‘drop’, when your dog drops the first toy, toss the second toy and say ‘get it’
    • Play with your dog and then cue ‘drop’.  Say ‘take it’ and present the tug toy.  Start tugging.
    • Pick up the second toy
    • Repeat
  • You can also use the continuation of the game as the reward.
    • You will need one toy
    • Tug with your dog, say your cue ‘drop’, pause, cue ‘Take it’, and resume tugging
  • When finished say ‘All done’ and put the toys away

Dropping high value food

  • Continue to increase the value of the object/food you are asking your dog to drop.  If you preserve, you can get your dog to drop high value food that he has in his mouth

Take the game outside

  • Practice all of the above layers outside as well as indoors



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