Drop – Layer 2

Objective:  Your dog will learn to drop an object that he has in his mouth when you say your cue (ex. ‘drop’)


Step by Step Instructions Comments
Select an object that the dog won’t get too excited by or try to mouth (Ex. A bike helmet) Continue to point out the food on the floor, and occasionally pet your dog or take his collar
As soon as your dog looks toward the object, say ‘Drop’ and drop food.  Practice this for a few days. By dropping food after saying ‘Drop’ regardless of your dog’s behaviour, you will build a strong association between saying the cue and your dog spitting out the object that is in his mouth regardless of what or how exciting the object is
Now place a toy on the ground that your dog isn’t excited about.  As soon as your dog looks at the toy, say ‘Drop’ and drop food. Remember to keep your training sessions short.  Five minutes is a good length.  When you are finished, say ‘all done’ and put the toys away
Repeat the above even if your dog has taken the toy in his mouth.   Stay at this step for a few days.  
Now after saying ‘drop’, pick up the toy he dropped.  He will be used to your hands being around the food so you can pick up the toy without bringing too much attention to what you are doing This is where using your hand to show your dog the food comes into play
Give the toy back and repeat.  Toss the toy and say ‘get it’ If your dog is likely to pick up the toy, say ‘take it’ as he is about to pick it up.
Throughout your training, don’t remove the toy every time.  Sometimes allow your dog to continue playing with the toy
Gradually make the situation more and more difficult by adding toys that are more exciting to your dog.
When to Advance  
When your dog is readily dropping his toys when you say your cue.
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