Drop – Layer 1

Objective:  Your dog will learn to orient towards the floor when you say ‘Drop’


Step by Step Instructions Comments
Note:  Do not use this with dogs who are “protective” over their food or other resources when you are around.  You need to first work with a qualified behaviourist / trainer to help you work through the resource guarding before you teach this behaviour
You will need some yummy treats for this game.  Chicken, liver or cheese are good choices You don’t have to use ‘drop’

  • Other common cues are ‘out’, or ‘thank you’.
  • Pick a cue that you like
To start, there is nothing in the dog’s mouth


Say ‘Drop’ and drop food on the floor.  Point out the pieces of food with your hand Order is important:  Say ‘Drop’ first and only then throw food on the floor
Move around the area, say the cue and drop food in different places  
Start to pet your dog and/or hold his collar.


Being around your dog while he is finding and eating the food teaches your dog to be comfortable with you around him while he eats food you dropped on the floor
Practice when you are sitting in a chair, sitting on the ground, lying down Get up from the chair to point out food!
Practice in lots of different situations


Some examples are:

  • While removing your coat, pushing a shopping cart, carrying boxes, taking out the garbage, opening the door, sweeping the floor
Practice when your dog is standing, sitting, lying on his mat  
Remember to keep your training sessions short.  Five minutes is a good length.  When you are finished, say ‘all done’
When to Advance  
When your dog is orienting towards the floor when you say ‘Drop’ and before you drop the food.


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