CP: Week 4 Homework

Week 4 – homework goals

  • Pick one behaviour to practice each session. When finished say ‘all done’ so your dog will know that the session is finished
  • Practice 3 -5 sessions a day, 5-10 repetitions per session.
    • A session is the time you set aside to work with your dog.
    • A repetition is each time you practice a single behaviour.
Skills to Practice – post on your fridge or bulletin board for easy reference.  Check the appropriate box each time you practice.
Month:_______ Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7


Action Plan for this week is:


1st Layer:  say ‘Drop’ and sprinkle high value treats on the ground

Goal:  Your puppy will orient to the ground when they hear the word ‘drop’ (or out, or thank you…pick the cue you like)

Hand Target
Action Plan for this week is:


1st Layer:  Teach your puppy to touch their nose to your hand

Goal:  Puppies learn that hands mean good things

Action Plan for this week is:


1st Layer:  Play with your puppy without toys or food.

Note:  I don’t have a video of this but am provide a link to the video from a class that I took.  This is an unlisted video so I am only going to keep the link on my site until Feb 17th and then I will remove it.

Goal:  have fun!

Food Bowl Exercises
Action Plan for this week is:


Review the handout and practice the exercises

Goal:  your puppy will love to have human hands around her food

Independence Training
Action Plan for this week is:


Read the handout, read the on-line article and watch the video

Goal:  will be comfortable being confined when you are home and away from home

Sound desensitization
Action Plan for this week is:


Read the handout and practice exposing your puppy to a variety of sounds.  Always keeping the sound at a level that doesn’t cause your puppy concern
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