CP: Week 3 Homework

Week 3 – homework goals

**Be Ready for Week 4**

  • Pick one behaviour to practice each session. When finished say ‘all done’ so your dog will know that the session is finished
  • Practice 3 -5 sessions a day, 5-10 repetitions per session.
    • A session is the time you set aside to work with your dog.
    • A repetition is each time you practice a single behaviour.

We are working on developing the foundation for a mutually enjoyable relationship with your puppy.  Ideally, your puppy will never learn that there is a difference between play, games, and training.

Skills to Practice – post on your fridge or bulletin board for easy reference.  Check the appropriate box each time you practice.
Month:_______ Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7


Its Yer Choice
Action Plan for this week is:


1st Layer:  Place dry food such as kibble in your hand.  When your dog backs away, open your hand.  If your dog moves forward to take the food close your hand.  When you can open your hand, and praise your dog without your dog trying to steal the treats, give them a treat and continue to play until all your treats have been feed to your dog.

Goal:  to teach your dog to ignore food in your open hand

Capture a Down
Action Plan for this week is:


1st Layer:  With your dog on leash and you sitting in a chair, wait for your dog to lie down.  When he does, mark with a ‘Yes’ and toss a treat to reset.

Goal:  to teach your dog that there is value in lying down when you are near

Come and Go Game
Action Plan for this week is:


1st Layer:  Toss a treat, say ‘get it’, wait for head to come up off the ground say the dogs name, mark ‘Yes’ when she turns to you and repeat.  When finished all 10 treats, say ‘all done’.

Repeat the exercise but this time use your recall cue

Goal:  to teach your dog to respond to his name and recall cue

Counter Surfing
Action Plan for this week is:


Review the handout and check out the links to counter surfing articles available on the website
Crate Training
Action Plan for this week is:


Check out the links to crate training articles and videos
Families, Kids and Dogs
Action Plan for this week is: Check out the website links to a variety of resources

Continue to work through the socialization checklist!


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