CP: Week 1 Homework

Week 1 – homework goals

**Be Ready for Week 2**

  • Pick one behaviour to practice each session. When finished say ‘all done’ so your dog will know that the session is finished
  • Practice 3 -5 sessions a day, 5-10 repetitions per session.
    • A session is the time you set aside to work with your dog.
    • A repetition is each time you practice a single behaviour.

Remember your 8 – 16 week old puppy is just a baby.  First and foremost have fun!  Mix up training with play and play with training.

Skills to Practice – post on your fridge or bulletin board for easy reference.  Check the appropriate box each time you practice.
Month:_______ Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7


Action Plan for this week is:


1st Layer:  Wait for your puppy to look in your direction, mark ‘Yes’, and place a treat near your feet.  Repeat.

Goal:  your puppy is comfortable looking at you

Relax on a Mat              
Action Plan for this week is:


1st Layer:  Put your puppy on leash.  Place the mat next to where you will sit and close enough so that you can comfortably drop treats on the mat.   Drop treats to get your puppy onto the mat, slowly place treats between his paws.  Look away from your puppy.

Goal:  build value for being on the mat

Name Game              
Action Plan for this week is:


1st Layer:  Say your puppies name, when she looks at your, say ‘Yes’ and toss a treat a short distance away

Goal:  build value for responding to her name

Two Treats Game              
Action Plan for this week is:


Take 10 treats, sit on the floor, toss one a short distance, say ‘get it’.  When her head comes up off the ground, toss another treat

Goal:  have fun with your puppy

Action Plan for this week is:


Practice handling your puppies head, ears, nose, mouth, neck, shoulders, back, tail, chest, belly, flank, elbows, legs, feet

Touch one spot, say ‘yes’ while you are touching her, remove your hand, give a treat.  Repeat four times and take a break.

Goal:  your puppy will be comfortable being handled

Body Language              
Action Plan for this week is:


Watch the videos and read the handout on body language


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