Core Skills – Week One Handouts

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Handout Summary

Skills Taught:
So you want to know more:  Miscellaneous:  

Practice Record Keeping Sheets:


Relax on a Mat


SIT Happens

Collar Grab Game

Parking Your Dog


Treat Delivery

Value of the Reward

Great treat ideas

How to Make a Super Tug Toy

Which Types of Collars and Harnesses are Safe for Your Dog

Training Tiny Dogs

Homework Sheet Week 1

Homework Sheet-blank

The videos or articles listed below are referenced in the handouts for this week’s class.  Click on the video or article link to view.

Description External Video or Article Links
How to Teach a Hyper Puppy to Settle on a Mat
Marley to Lassie in 7 days – How to Be the Center of Your Dog’s Universe
Collar Grab for Safety – Dog Training
Parking your dog – The Adults are Talking
Two Treat Game
Cookie or Toy Race

Back to Basics: Capturing a Sit with Clicker Training
How to Add a Cue to a Known Behavior in Positive Reinforcement Dog Training
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