Confident Puppy-Week Two Handouts

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Handouts Summary

 Skills Taught: So you want to know more!  Miscellaneous: Practice Record Keeping Sheets:
 Crate Games Say the Cue Once

Dont wanna Dont hafta

 None Practice Record Keeping Sheet-Week 2

Practice Record Keeping Sheet-blank


The videos or articles listed below are referenced in the handouts for this week’s class.  Click on the video or article link to view.

Description External Video or Article Links
How to train a release cue – clicker dog training
Crate Games – youtube

This is Susan Garrets promo for crate games!
Fun With Crates (AKA Susan Garrett’s Crate Games)
Building Attention: Game 1 Clicker dog training
Building Attention-game 2- clicker dog training
Building attention 3- Clicker Dog Training


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