Confident Puppy-Week One Handouts

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Handouts Summary

 Skills Taught:  Homework:  Miscellaneous: Practice Record Keeping Sheets:
SIT Happens


Relax on a Mat

Name Game

How to Speak Dog

Puppy Habituation Schedule

PPG Client Puppy Socialization

Think Outside the Food bowl

Which Types of Collars and Harnesses are Safe for Your Dog

Practice Record Keeping Sheet-Week 1

Practice Record Keeping Sheet-blank


The videos or articles listed below are referenced in the handouts for this week’s class.  Click on the video or article link to view.

Description External Video or Article Links
 Socialize Your Puppy but let him Play Too

Includes an short video to show what appropriate puppy play and owner intervention looks like
Building Attention: Game 1 Clicker dog training
Building Attention-game 2- clicker dog training
Building attention 3- Clicker Dog Training
Marley to Lassie in 7 days – How to Be the Center of Your Dog’s Universe
How to Teach a Hyper Puppy to Settle on a Mat

Adapted from ‘Relax on a Mat’ by Nan Arthur
Playing the Name Game
How Dog’s Show Anxiety
11 Subtle Signs your dog is Stressed
Stop the 77


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