Come When Called – Layer 3

Objective:  To teach your dog that your recall word means good things


Preparation:  10-15 yummy treats. You want to use a treat your dog really likes when you practice this exercise.  If possible, bring out the cooked chicken, liver, or tuna fudge when you practice your recalls.

Start indoors in a low distraction environment.
Hold the treats in one hand for easy access. Remember to keep your treat hand still until after you say your recall cue.
Your dog can been sitting, standing or laying down when you start this exercise.
Say your recall cue (‘Here’) and toss a treat on the ground so that your dog must move to get it.
Once your dog finishes eating the treat and their head comes up off the ground, repeat the above until all of the treats are used up.
Practice this layer two or three times a day in the house over the next three days.
Toward the end of the week, start to practice this exercise while you are walking your dog on leash. Pick a low distraction environment when you start practicing this outside.
Continue to practice this exercise a few times a day both inside and outside.
When to Advance  
Practice this layer and the next layer (Layer 4) throughout your dog’s life!
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