Come When Called – Layer 2

You must at all costs protect your recall cue.  Post the following rules on your fridge as a constant reminder.  Following these rules will help you build an amazing recall that will impress your non-dog friends and make you the envy of most of your dog-owning friends!

  1. Train it! Practice it!
  2. If you are not certain if your dog will come when you call, don’t use your recall cue to call your dog.
  3. If you call your dog and he doesn’t come, DON’T REPEAT THE CUE. Instead, go to your dog, take his collar, encourage him to move with you and then reward him when he does. (Collar Grab Exercise Layer 4).
    • Reread rule #2
  4. When practicing your recalls, reward your dog with the food or toys that have the highest value for your dog.
  5. HUGE Always give lots of treats or have a great exercise of tug, or do something novel and special when your dog returns to you.
  6. Reward ALL check-ins during other times of the day. A check-in is any time your dog chooses to visit you of his own accord.  This could be in the house or outside on leash walks.
  7. In the early stages of training and practicing, don’t use your recall word for anything your dog doesn’t enjoy such as putting the leash on to go home, or coming into the house.
  8. NEVER, EVER punish your dog if he doesn’t come when you call.
    • Reread Rule #2 and #3
  9. Maintain it after you train it! Practice at least three times a week for life.

Adapted from:

The 12 Rules of a Rocket Recall

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