Come and Go Game – Layer 2

Objective:  The objective of this game is to teach your dog to visually track a thrown object, learn a verbal cue for permission to get food from the ground, and to respond with a whiplash head turn to their recall cue and returning quickly to you.


Step by Step Instructions Comments
Select 10 treats that will roll well and can be easily seen against the floor or ground
Toss a treat forward and verbally encourage your dog to “get it!”
As soon as your dog finishes eating the treat and brings his head up, say your recall cue
Mark with a ‘Yes’ as soon as your dog starts to move in your direction
When your dog reaches you, take his collar and give a treat
Repeat 5 times to use up all 10 treats.
Options for building drive to you.  After giving your recall cue:
  • Start to move away from your dog so they have to chase you
  • Toss a treat between your legs so they run between your legs to get the treat
  • Pull out their favourite toy and have a play session
Troubleshooting:  my dog returns more slowly than he goes out
If your dog returns more slowly than he goes out, have five higher value cookies (ex. chicken) in your hand for the return and five lower value cookies (ex. kibble) for going away.
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