Collar Grab Game – Layer 4

Objective:   To teach your dog to move with you when you apply gentle pressure to the collar


Step by Step Instructions Comments
Warm up with Layer 3
With your dog standing, take your dog’s collar If a raw egg was between your dog’s neck and the collar, would your pressure break the egg?  If yes, apply less pressure.
Apply a little pressure to the collar
Mark with a ‘Yes’
Feed a treat, Remove your hand from the collar
Repeat four more times
Now, take your dog’s collar and apply a little pressure to the collar
When your dog makes any movement toward you (it might be very small including a slight paw shift) Practice this inside your home
Mark with a ‘Yes’ (or click).  Feed a treat, remove your hand
Repeat four more times
If you are finished training, say ‘all done’.  If you are going to keep training, take a break and give praise or play with your dog before continuing with the training session.
Troubleshooting:  My dog plants his feet and won’t budge
Take a small step or two back and make some kissy sounds or pat your leg.  Your dog may follow you.  If that doesn’t work, then have patience.  Continue to play the game by applying slight pressure.  In time, you will get a small weight shift that you can mark and reward.
Troubleshooting:  My dog sits or lies down
Take a small step or two back and make some kissy sounds or pat your leg to encourage your dog to stand up
When to Advance  
Continue to practice this layer, marking movement until your dog will willingly follow you when you guide them by their collar.  You can work this layer and the next layer at the same time
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