Collar Grab Game – Layer 3

Objective:  The objective of this layer is to accustom your dog to having you take their collar with your hand.  You are building a layer of trust between you and your dog.


Step by Step Instructions Comments
Reach from the side and slightly under the chin, take the collar in your hand
Mark with a ‘Yes’
Feed a treat
Remove your hand from the collar
Repeat four more times
Different scenarios to practice:
Alternate your position:  sitting, standing in front, standing beside Practice each different scenario with five treats.  After five treats, take a break. If your dog was comfortable with the exercise, next time try a different scenario.  Do no more than two sessions in a row.

If your dog shows signs of anxiety or nervousness, after a break either repeat the scenario or go back to a scenario where your dog was successful.

Alternate reaching your hand from above and then from below your dog’s head
Practice when your dog is standing, sitting, laying down
Practice with your right and left hands
Practice in a variety of environments:  kitchen, living room, back yard, front yard, on walks, etc.
When you are done training say, “All done,” to end the training time.  Always leave your dog wanting more
When to Advance  
When your dog doesn’t shy away from, back away from, or mouth your hand
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