Collar Grab Game – Layer 2

Objective:  The objective of this layer is to accustom your dog to having you touch their collar with your hand


Step by Step Instructions Comments
Reach your hand toward the side of your dog’s neck
Touch your hand to their collar
Mark with a ‘Yes’
Feed a treat
Repeat four more times
Take a break
Do no more than two sessions in a row Take a short break between each session:  do something your dog likes:  play, petting, scritches
When you are done training say, “All done,” to end the training time. Always leave your dog wanting more
Troubleshooting:  My dog mouths my hand
Place treats in one hand and feed your dog while you touch their collar with your other hand.  Do this five times and then test the value by starting at the first step. If they still mouth, repeat this step for one more set, test the value again, and then take a break.
When to Advance  
When your dog doesn’t shy away from, back away from, or mouth your hand
For many dogs, you will move through the 1st and 2nd layers in one session.
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