Attention – Layer 5

Objective:  The objective of this layer is to teach your dog that orienting to you in the presence of distraction pays!


Preparation:  Kibble and something yummy (chicken, liver, cheese).  Start indoors.  Your dog can be on or off leash.
Step by Step Instructions Comments
Have your helper hold the low value food (kibble) at your dog’s nose height in their open hand (Its Yer Choice) The helper can close their hand to prevent your dog from self-reinforcing

Note:  ask the helper to look at you rather than directly at your dog.  We don’t want the handler to inadvertently intimidate or frighten your dog.

Wait for your dog to look away from the food.  Mark with a ‘Yes’ Patience is required.  Say and do nothing, just wait.  It may take your dog a while to figure out that looking away is what pays.
Give your dog lots of praise while you are feeding the higher value treat (ex. chicken, liver, cheese)  
Continue to praise as you backup a few steps, when your dog reaches you, give another high value treat  
Repeat the exercise another four times and take a break Have a play session.  Either resume training or say ‘all done’ if you are finished.
When your dog is looking away from the food in an open hand in less than 5 seconds, repeat the above but have the helper place the food on the floor (Its Yer Choice).  Cover the food with your hand or foot if the dog tries to take the food.
When to Advance  
When your dog can look away in less than 5 seconds from a food distraction in a person’s hand or on the floor
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