Attention – Layer 4

Objective:  The objective of this layer is to teach your dog to check in with you when you are outside


Step by Step Instructions Comments
Repeat Layers 1 -3 outside
Practice waiting for attention at thresholds:

  • Doorways
  • Gates
  • Entering or exiting your car
Recipe for attention in distracting locations:

Tastier treats = better pay = more of what you want!

Practice in increasingly distracting environments.  Stop, wait for attention before resuming your walk when:

  • People are walking nearby
  • Another dog is in the vicinity
  • Someone rides past you on a bike, or a skateboard
Troubleshooting:  My dog doesn’t pay me much attention outside
Practice Layers 1 -3 outside in a low distraction environment (your backyard) as well as when you are on walks when there are no other people or dogs around.  Initially you may not get much attention from your dog but the more you practice, including rewarding for glances in your direction, the stronger the behaviour will become.
Goal Behaviour  
Your dog easily makes eye contact with you throughout the day regardless of where the two of you are or what you are doing together
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