Attention – Layer 3

Objective:  The objective of this layer is to vary the rewards and the frequency of reward delivery without reducing your dog’s desire to check-in with you.


Step by Step Instructions Comments
Every second time your dog makes eye contact mark with a ‘Yes’ For the times you don’t mark and reward, give calm praise
Give a treat
Now is the time to become systematically unpredictable.  
Vary the type of reward:  Run away and play tug, throw a ball, present his food bowl with dinner inside, pull a hidden toy out of a tree or off of a shelf, toss a stick, give praise or an amazing treat.

Vary the frequency of the reward:  Mix it up.  Sometimes your dog has to make eye contact three times before he gets the reward, sometimes two; sometimes he gets three rewards in a row for making eye contact once.

Variety will keep your dog engaged because he never knows what reward he will get.  Your dog will also think that you can find rewards anytime, anywhere and he will be willing to play the lottery with you!

When to Advance  
Your dog easily makes eye contact with you throughout the day where ever you are in the house regardless of what the two of you are doing together
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