Attention – Layer 2

Objective:  The objective of this layer is to reward our dog for looking us in the eye.


Preparation:  You will need 5 to 10 tasty treats

Step by Step Instructions Comments
Hold five treats in your hand and warm up with the 1st layer Focus Point is:  treat hand still
Get five more treats and wait for your dog to make eye contact, even if it is fleeting, and mark with a ‘yes’ (or click) We are asking our dog for a slightly harder behaviour before we will give a treat
Place a treat on the ground between you and your dog The treat placement breaks eye contact and sets your dog up to look at you again
Wait for your dog’s head to come up off the ground and for her to make eye contact.
Mark the eye contact with a ‘yes’ (or click)
Repeat three more times
If you are finished with training, say ‘All Done’ so your dog knows that the session is finished
If you are just taking a short break, play with your dog or give scritches; something your dog enjoys and then repeat the session one more time
Practice this layer in different rooms in the house.
Practice this layer when your dog is in front of you, beside you on your right side and beside you on your left side
Commonly Asked Question:  Why do we reward for eye contact?
Staring directly at a dog makes them uncomfortable as it is perceived as a sign of aggression.  For humans, it is difficult not to make eye contact when interacting with dogs.  This exercise helps our dogs become comfortable with the human habit of looking them directly in the eye.
When to Advance  
When your dog is regularly making eye contact with you
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