About Us

Hi, my name is Heather Fox and I am the proud owner of two dogs; Marley in the picture above and Loki in the picture below.  I would like to say thank you for visiting my website and coming to this page to learn a bit about me before you entrust me with your dog’s training.

Why I Became Dog Trainer

Marley came into my life when he was 5 months old. Back then, I traveled constantly for my job but managed to teach him how to ‘sit’, ‘down’, and ‘stand’. While I wanted to do more with him, I was never home long enough to learn how.

Life changes and I found myself living in New Denver, BC and working from home. The opportunity to take the Karen Pryor Academy ‘Dog Trainer Professional’ program came to the valley and I signed up right away. I did wonder why it would take six months to learn how to train dogs!! Well, now that I have graduated from the program, I am looking at two life-times of learning to explore and understand all of the facets of training, behaviour and intelligence in these wonderful dogs we share our life with.

Why I can help youNosework picture

I am immersing myself in dog related learning: reading, watching videos, attending conferences and applying my knowledge to my own dogs in order to develop a skill set that can help you best by providing the most effective, and convenient solutions tailored to your specific dog training needs.

What my dogs and I are doing today

When I am not helping clients enjoy an easier life with their canine companions, I like to be outside biking, hiking or skiing with Marley and Loki and setting time aside every day for on-going training, including nose work and beginner tracking.

Dog related education:

  • BCSPCA Animal Behaviour Symposium, 2018 and 2019
  • How to Work Aggression Cases A-Z, 2019
  • Canine Conditioning workshop, 2018
  • Fear Free Certification, 2018
  • Fear Free and Clinical Animal Behavior Workshop, 2018
  • A Systematic TEAM Approach to Reducing Reactivity in Dogs, 2018
  • NACSW: K9 Nose Work Camp, 2016
  • NACSW: Introduction to K9 Nose Work and Continued Skill Building, 2016
  • Clicker Expo, 2015
  • Love2Play Dog Training, Canine nosework, Reactive dog class, 2014
  • Karen Pryor Academy – Dog Trainer Professional course, 2014
  • APDT Conference, 2013
  • Karen Pryor Academy – Dog Trainer Foundation course, 2013
  • Tracking with Lucy Newton:  On-line through Fenzi Academy 
  • Nosework courses with Stacy Barnett:  On-line through Fenzi Academy 
  • Canine Conditioning:  various on-line courses
  • Recallers, 4, 5 and 6, Susan Garrett on-line
  • Puppy Peaks, Susan Garrett on-line
  • Coaching People to Train their Dogs, Terry Ryan, DVD
  • Behaviour Adjustment Training (BATing 1000), Grisha Stewart, DVD
  • Tracking –Hydration Intensified Tracking Training, Steve White, DVD
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