90 Days to a Well-Behaved Dog

Changing stubborn to well-behaved

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Shift from struggling to get your dog to listen to you to having a dog that happily responds the first time you ask even around distractions.

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Have you ever found yourself saying “my dog is so stubborn”, he just won’t listen to me.  Are you frequently yelling in frustration at your dog because he runs away from you, doesn’t listen to you and doesn’t come when called.  Throughout your day are you saying ‘NO’ or ‘STOP’ as he disobeys and ignores you?

How does that make you feel?

Instead, would you like to brag to friends and family about how well your dog listens to you, wouldn’t it feel better to say ‘YES’ to your dog ‘that’s exactly what I want’ as you go about your day?

Is this really possible?

It worked for Hodgey and Sissy; two dogs just like yours!

DSC_0042 (640x427)When Eleanor and Joseph brought Hodgey and Sissy home from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in the spring of 2017, Hodgey was 10 months old and Sissy was 3 years old. Neither dog had any prior training and they loved to pull on leash, ignore their humans, steal food from the counter and definitely didn’t come when called. Eleanor and Joseph contacted me for help.

Life is full of wonderful synchronicity.  The first iteration of my core course wasn’t bringing my students the results that I wanted for them and I knew that I needed to do something different so I undertook the task of rewriting my course content.  I had just finished reworking the material when I received  Eleanor and Joseph’s email.DSC_0051 (640x427)

They enrolled in the revised course, did their homework and practiced with their dogs and saw results.  They were stoked and so was I!

Then I had a brilliant idea!  In exchange for permission to use the videos in my course, I offered to come to their home once a week to video me working with Hodgey and Sissy on each layer of each exercise throughout my entire course.  They agreed and an amazing opportunity for you was born!

You now have the unique experience of watching two different dogs, just like yours, learn and progress through my course.   You can share their successes and observe some of the challenges that we faced along the way.

We take the complexity out of training your dog

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90 Days to a Well-Behaved dog consists of 4 core modules that will be delivered over 10 weeks through small group classes and  on-line video content delivered via our private membership site.  You will also practice your new skills ‘dog-free’ before you try them out on your dog.  Over the next 10 weeks, here’s what you will learn:

Module 1:  Establishing baseline knowledge:  This module is available to you one week before classes begin so that you can start learning right away.  In this module, you will learn 2 basic concepts that will change how you interact with your dog and will turn your dog into an engaged and willing learner.  You will also learn your first new skill; something that will help your dog focus on you when you are training.

Module 2: The training basics:  In this module, you will apply the 2 basic concepts and your new skill to training foundational obedience behaviours including:  sit, down, attention to you, whiplash response to their name, leave food on the ground and loose leash walking.  Once you and your dog master these skills, you will have the foundation needed for the more challenging skills to come.

Module 3: Asking for more and getting it!:   Now that your dog has a solid foundation, you are going to combine what your dog has learned into more advanced skills that will give your dog the ability to respond to you no matter what is happening in the environment; including coming to you when called.

Module 4:  Pulling it all together; responding to you around real world distractions:  By now your dog is learning that listening to you is fun and worthwhile even in the face of distractions.  In this module, you are going to build on this new found enthusiasm.  You will be introduced to the 2 key concepts, the 3 core skills and the ultimate reward and will learn how to apply this knowledge when you are outside around all the ‘real world’ things that your dog finds distracting.

This program offers one unique feature

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You can attend classes with or without your dog!

If you have a dog that doesn’t like other dogs or barks and lunges at people but is smart and would benefit from training, you can come without your dog and take what you have learned home to practice.

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Schedule and Pricing

From  –  To Day Time Location  No Class Scheduled* Status
19 Sept2020 – 21Nov2020 Saturday 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm Nakusp Open
19 Sept2020 – 21Nov2020 Saturday 10:00 – 11:00 am New Denver Open

*The gaps in the schedule accommodate times when the instructor is away or the venue is unavailable.

# of Sessions Investment (including GST)
10 $350

Three Special Bonuses

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We offer three special bonuses to say thank you:

1.  The opportunity to submit three videos of up to 60 seconds in length of your at home training session and receive personalized feedback.  You dog will behave differently at home then in the classroom.  This will be an opportunity to received additional instructor feedback on a training problem that doesn’t appear during class.

2.  The Top Ten Training Concepts.  Both you and your dog will be learning a lot of new skills in class.  In order not to overwhelm you with too much information at one time, you will also receive 10 videos spaced out over two months that will answer some commonly asked question about what you are learning.

3.  One Fast Action Bonus.…receive a $10 gift certificate for Jennifer’s Chocolates if you register and pay in full one week before class starts.

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First time working with Proud of My Dog?

Schedule a Free 30 minute Discovery Session
Valued at $100 to Get Started

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What our students say about the program

Heather, Thanks for your expertise, and instruction on the course ‘90 Days to a Better Dog’. It has made a world of difference to our dog Norbu, and, Ross and I. We truly became proud of our dog as we marveled at his capacity!

  • Before class Norbu was anxious, inattentive and unfocused. After class more relaxed, attentive, and, focused.
  • All the learning and training fit together nicely. Everything seemed important. Seeing and learning about the big picture – how dogs perceive their world, a dog’s intelligence and their capacity to learn went a long way when using tools and techniques in supporting our dogs learning.
  • My increased awareness towards our dog’s capabilities helped me train more effectively. In turn, Norbu learned new behaviours quickly. My day with Norbu is better as I don’t fear him biting me or others; he doesn’t chew personal belongings and furniture (still working on outdoor furniture); he stopped stealing food from tables and counter tops; he waits for his meal patiently on a mat; doesn’t beg (too much); sits to be leashed and unleashed or dried off; he behaves on walks, and, is more easily controlled from jumping up to strangers and children – just to mention a few. He’s only 6 months old so we look forward to more progress!
  • I enjoyed meeting other dog owners, Norbu meeting new people and dogs, practicing with the instructor and getting feedback, observing how other dogs learn and the casual conversations about dogs with instructor and participants.
    Thanks again we are so pleased.

Marialena, Ross and Norbu

I really enjoyed the course and found it very informative. It was definitely the right approach for a high energy, mind of his own dog like Chip.

  • We’re so pleased with the progress he’s made, both Chip and I are happier for learning how to work and play together.
  • I’ve learned patience and consistency and lots of exercise are keys to getting the best from Chip. He’s quick to capitalize on my overlooking a wrong behaviour or not giving him a clear request, so he keeps me on my toes.
  • Having your resource materials to reference for the coming year will be a huge benefit, thanks for that Heather.
  • I will recommend your “90 days to a Better Dog” program to everyone I can, I am totally satisfied with Chip’s and my progress, having completed it.

Lorna, John and Chip

I recently completed Heather’s course “90 Days To A Better Dog” program with my puppy Gino.  Her course was very detailed, thorough and simple.

  • The course is set up to help your dog succeed in a very positive way.
  • I learned how to understand my dog’s body language and how to better communicate with my dog in order to have the best results for his training.
  • Heather’s training techniques are simple and they work. As long as I am consistent with what I learned in her program Gino shows constant improvement.
  • I see huge changes in his behaviour in the house and on walks.
  • I’m very glad I took the step to invest in this course for myself and Gino. Heather is a very caring and knowledgeable dog trainer and I highly recommend her!

Samantha and Gino



How old should my dog be to take this course?

  • This class is suitable for dogs 16 weeks of age and older

My dog barks and lunges at people and/or other dogs.  Should we enroll in this class?

  • You can take this class without your dog
  • With our unique method of teaching people, you will learn as much, if not more, during class without your dog than you would with your dog!
  • Combined with the opportunity to submit training videos, you will get personalized feedback even if your dog isn’t in the class

I understand that the dog training industry is unregulated.  How can I trust that you will keep my dog’s welfare in mind?

  • I have sought out certifications that will give you confidence that I know and understand how dogs learn and how to positively change a dog’s behaviour.
  • My certifications are:
  • I am continually keeping my skills current by taking a variety of continuing education.  In 2019, I completed two key courses:

What are some pointers to consider when looking for a good dog trainer?

What can success look like for you?

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