90 Days to a Better Dog

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Is your dog out of control; dragging you everywhere, not listening to you, won’t come when called.

Take a deep breath.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  There is a lot you can do and I am here to help.

In working with me, not only will you find the fun in dog training, you will watch your unfocused Fido transform into a well-behaved dog eager to learn and listen.

The 90 Days to a Better Dog program will show you exactly what it takes to transform your dog into a more relaxed and well-behaved companion, including:

  • A dog that will willingly focus on you so that it will be easy to get his attention when needed
  • A dog with self-control so you can trust him in a variety of situations
  • A dog that will come when called so you can begin to trust him off-leash
  • A dog that won’t pull you toward other dogs or people making walks more pleasant for both of you
  • A dog that will SIT and DOWN when asked making it easy to put on their leash, feed them their dinner or greet people politely

This class is suitable for dogs 16 weeks of age and older

Our successful formula will take the complexity out of training your dog. 

Select from three different options:

On-line Access

Group Class

In-home training

  Plus:  On-line access Plus:   Group class and On-line access

You would like to come to class but:

On-line access is great but:

You like the idea of group classes and love the flexibility of on-line access but:

  • New Denver is too far away
  • Your dog barks and lunges at other dogs
  • Your schedule just does not work with the available class times
  • You learn best with guidance and feedback from an instructor
  • You would like your dog to learn how to focus on you in the presence of other dogs
  • You like the motivation of coming to class with your dog
  • You don’t have time to train your dog and would appreciate having an instructor come to your home to work with your dog
  • You would like extra one-on-one time with an instructor
  • You value the flexibility of having training that better fits your schedule

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Find out more

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