90 Days to a Better Dog

90 Days to a Better Dog Group Class Package

Is your dog out of control; dragging you everywhere, not listening to you, won’t come when called.

Take a deep breath.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  There is a lot you can do and I am here to help.

In working with me, not only will you find the fun in dog training, you will watch your unfocused Fido transform into a well-behaved dog eager to learn and listen.

The 90 Days to a Better Dog Group Class Package will show you exactly what it takes to transform your dog into a more relaxed and well-behaved dog, including:

  • A dog that will willingly focus on you so that it will be easy to get his attention when needed
  • A dog with self-control so you can trust him in a variety of situations
  • A dog that will come when called so you can begin to trust him off-leash
  • A dog that won’t pull you toward other dogs or people making walks more pleasant for both of you
  • A dog that will SIT and DOWN when asked making it easy to put on their leash, feed them their dinner or greet people politely

This group class package gives you:

  • 10 training sessions (maximum 60 minutes per session) held over three months
  • Detailed handouts so you don’t need to take notes during the sessions
  • Weekly action-oriented homework assignments
  • Links to supporting video tutorials so you can see the skills from different perspectives
  • Easy-To-Use templates, and exercises to give you
    • Easy to follow exercises that help you get the greatest results
    • A successful formula that will take the complexity out of training your dog
  • Personalized review at the end of the class including a summary of what you have learned, training areas to focus on, and next step recommendations

This class is suitable for dogs 16 weeks of age and older

Next Class:
From  –  To Day No Class Scheduled*
Time Status
01 Sept 2018 – 03 Nov 2018 Saturday

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm Open
13 Oct 2018 – 15 Dec 2018 Saturday

10:00 am – 11:00 am


*Note:  The gaps in the schedule accommodate times when the instructor is away.

# of Sessions

Price including GST


Three monthly installments



$160 up-front, then $120 per month for two months

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