How to Make a Pup-sicle

On these hot summer days, a nice treat for your dog is to give them a homemade pup-sicle.  I learned about these at the Kootenay Scent Hounds nosework trial I attended in May.  I have since made them twice for my dogs and both times they were well enjoyed.  Loki (as always) finished hers much faster than I had hoped and Marley took about 3 times longer!

Pup-sicles are easy to make.  Here are the instructions if you would like to give them a try.


You need a margarine tub sized plastic container.  I used the 500 ml clear plastic deli containers.

Step 1:

Put some kibble, raw food, cooked food, hot dogs, fruit, peanut butter, cheese; whatever yummy stuff you have on hand into the containerP1050781 (800x600)

Step 2:

Cover the food with some water or better yet bone broth.P1050783 (800x600)

Step 3:

Put the containers in the freezer. P1050784 (800x600)

Step 4:

Once frozen, remove it from the freezer and add another layer of food and liquid. Put the container back into the freezer.  Repeat until the container is full.  I initially started with just two layers to try it out.P1050787 (800x600)

Step 5:

Take the pup-sicles out of the freezer,  wait a few minutes until they easily come out of the container and put the frozen treat into your dog’s food bowl and take the bowls outside.

Here are two short videos showing both of my dogs enjoying their frozen treat.

As always, supervise your dogs while they are eating their frozen treat.  Especially important if your dog tries to bring the unfinished treat inside to enjoy on your carpet or bed!

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