Re-Introducing Anise

When Loki was first introduced to nosework, it was using a different method than I am using now.  The first method didn’t build hunt drive nor did it build value for odour.  As a result, Loki started to show an aversion to searching for birch; the game just wasn’t fun anymore.  Over the last six months, I have been re-building value for searching for the odour of birch and for the fun of playing the nosework game.

As of this week, I am now focusing on anise.  Anise is the odour that she will be searching for at the trial on May 28th.  She has searched for anise before and has earned her UKC Advance Container, and Advance Exterior titles searching for the odour of anise.  On the 28th, if all goes well, she will earn her UKC Advanced Interior title.

Loki easily switched back to searching for Anise.  On Saturday, we did a search in a familiar but novel location (my parent’s kitchen) and on Sunday, we went to the gym and did multiple searches of objects.  She easily identified source each time.  My job over the next couple of weeks will be to:

  • Work on building her desire to stay at source
  • Continue to learn to read my dog’s body language especially the sudden change of behaviour which is a definite indicator that she has found the scent.

During the trial, I am confident that Loki will be able to easily identify the source of the odour.  The challenge will be for me; can I tell when she has found it!!

Thanks for reading and happy training.

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