Food Distraction vs Odour!

This week didn’t amount to much training time due to being away for three days but on Sunday, I sat down and completed 10 days worth of training plans!  After I finished my planning, I spent 1/2 an hour working with Marley and Loki.  This morning after my morning walk with the dogs, we spent 20 minutes working on the second one.

My focus for the month of May will be nosework; especially for Loki.  We are registered with Kootenay Scent Hounds to participate in the two Advance Interior trials on Sunday May 28th.  If Loki passes both, we will have another ribbon to hang on her kennel.

On Sunday, our training continues to focus on building value for odour.  I introduced a toy distraction, then a low value food distraction (kibble) and built up to a high value food distraction (canned tripe).  I was happy to see that Loki had no problem ignoring the lower value distractions in favour of odour.  For the final search, I put some canned tripe in a small dish and put the dish in a box with holes on three sides. She spent a few seconds at the box with canned tripe (the 10 sec mark) but moved away on her own to find odour.  She was heavily rewarded for that excellent decision.  When working with distractions, it is important to set up the distraction so that she can NEVER get to the food or toy.  I want her to learn that only odour pays.

Thanks for reading and happy training.

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