The Best Laid Plans

Well this week came and went with only two days of training.  The excuses are many but for me it came down to not taking the time last Sunday to write out 5-10 days of my daily session plans.  I managed to do one session on Apr 18th mainly because I had written out the steps in last week’s blog!!   With both Marley and Loki, I worked through steps 1, 2 and 4.

Step 1:  Working outside place the article on the ground:

  • Cue the nose touch
  • Cue the down
  • Reward heavily at first to build value for lying down at the article

Step 2:  Practice the article indication game outside just like I did in the house; add the cue ‘search’

Step 3:  Put each dog on leash and practice the game

Step 4:  Play the game but place the article against the gate

Here are the videos of Marley and Loki.  At the end of each segment, you see the routine I have put in place to tell my dogs the training session is over.

I will be away from Wednesday to Friday this week but before I go, I will do steps 1 – 4 and add in step 5 and assess.

  • Step 5:  Put two hot dogs on the ground approximately 12” apart leading up to the article

This week, I will also focus on nosework.  I have entered Loki in a local UKC Nosework trial hosted by the Kootenay Scent Hounds (you can find them on Facebook) coming up on the 28th of May.  I am hoping to get our Advance Interior title.  We can do it, I just need to get my plan on paper!

Thanks for reading and happy training!

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